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Cleaning Testimonials

When I recently called Megan about my property, I was very distraught and felt helpless.  A tenant had just move out and left my house in such disarray that I did not think it would ever be saved.  She kept animals in my house....dogs, cats, rabbits as if it were a barn.  She allowed the animals to urinate and defecate on the floors and never cleaned up after them.  The woodwork throughout the house was clawed and doors destroyed.  The dogs actually went through the bathroom door leaving a large hole.  What a nightmare.

Thanks to Megan, your crew and the professional work provided by SERVPRO of Hampshire County, my home is back to normal and once again I have hope!

I could not believe my eyes when I walked into the house yesterday.  Clean and smelling great!  That is what SERVPRO of Hampshire County did for me and my house in Ware, and I could not thank you enough.  SERVPRO was willing and able to assist me in anything I necessary to get the house back to normal, your professionalism is an asset to your business.  I anyone needs assistance with anything within their house, SERVPRO of Hampshire County should be their first and only call!  They get the  job done correctly!  

Thanks again SERVPRO! 

I was very happy with the (Duct Cleaning) job.