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The Best Way to Dry Northampton Water Damaged Basements

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Best Way to Dry Northampton Water Damaged Basements Water damage in basements is a common issue. Call SERVPRO for solutions.

Removing Water from Saturated Northampton Basements 

Basements are a common location for water loss incidents for Northampton residents. While many times, natural disasters can first penetrate this lower level of your residence and cause widespread pooling of water and saturation of structural elements and construction materials, this is only part of a potential problem that exists. The basement is also one of the primary hubs for your plumbing system and is an ideal installation location for your water heater, washing machine, and other water-fed fixtures like utility sinks. 

We can appreciate how vital water removal and recovery efforts are for your Northampton home, and the clock begins moving for us at the time that you first report this disaster. We have ready trailers stocked with advanced drying and extraction tools, ensuring that the appropriate protective processes begin as soon as our team arrives at your address. Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive training in Applied Structural Drying and Water Restoration, allowing us to approach loss incidents with confidence and experience. 

One of the first steps that we must take when we arrive at your home is to locate the source of the water damage. From faulty appliances to compromised plumbing, we have to stop the flow of water so that extraction and drying efforts can be more effective after that. We can work to repair the source of the damage should the cause require the application of hydraulic cement or another approach that does not require full repair or reconstruction efforts. 

The SERVPRO technicians that arrive at your house come with our experienced contractors as well. These individuals can help to identify the best permanent solutions for preventing excessive moisture and water damage in the lower level of your property again. From the installation of sump pumps to the regrading of concrete flooring, there is little our experienced team cannot do to help. 

While the basement might be a commonly water-damaged area of your property, our SERVPRO of Hampshire County team can work around the clock to make its effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (413) 324-1300.

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Let Our Professionals Help With Flood Damage Preparation For Your Amherst Home

6/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Let Our Professionals Help With Flood Damage Preparation For Your Amherst Home Our goal is to leave your house, “Like it never even happened.”

Is Flood Damage Preparation In Amherst For You?

Surprises never stop when you are a homeowner. When you think all home improvement jobs are done, you are surprised by a new part of your home needing attention. It is not uncommon for homeowners to learn that they are vulnerable to flood damage, even when their home is not located in a designated flood zone. The best you can do is prepare and align your resources and hope that you will never need them. Pay close attention to recommendations issued by your insurance company and the federal government, but make sure to assess your local resources as well.

If you are concerned about flood damage in Amherst, reach out to us at SERVPRO and let us explain our approach to restoration after a water event. Aside from having a team on call 24/7, our technicians hold an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Combined with on-the-job experience, our crew brings to you the latest in the industry to address any flood damage to your home. Call us, and our Green Fleet will arrive at your home to take action.

A big concern when there is flooding is the presence of black water. Flood water carries pathogens and debris which pose a risk to your family. When it comes in contact with your home and belongings, we need to take action. As it permeates your most porous possessions like upholstery and carpeting, it threatens your health. Our SERVPRO team acts quickly to remove any unwanted materials and dispose of them according to environmental recommendations. Simultaneously we bring in high-power pumps to extract water and restore moisture levels in your home. Knowing the proper order in which to eliminate floodwater residue helps minimize your material loss and disruption to you and your family.

SERVPRO of Hampshire County is your best ally when disaster strikes. Call us at (413) 324-1300 as part of your emergency preparedness plan and let us be proactive in protecting your home. Our goal is to leave your house, “Like it never even happened.”

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Call Our Certified Professionals For All Your Northampton Fire Damage Restoration Services

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Call Our Certified Professionals For All Your Northampton Fire Damage Restoration Services Fire damage started in the attic of this home and an electrical short was the cause. We arrived as soon as they called because we are available 24/7.

Full Restoration of Fire Damage in Northampton Home

When there is fire damage to a property, it is vital that it has professional mitigation as soon as possible. The longer odor-causing soot remains on surfaces, the more it spreads and permeates porous objects.

Our SERVPRO location handled a fire damage remediation in Northampton for a house with both water and smoke damage over half the property. When we arrived on-site, we contained the entryways and registers in each of the affected rooms to stop any further spread of soot.  

We used portable pumps and extractors to remove the remaining water. Then our technicians used controlled demolition techniques to remove the charred sheetrock and contents too damaged by fire to restore. Our goal is to limit loss for homeowners by restoring the structure and contents through our proprietary methods whenever possible. This commitment to service is why we go methodically through rooms to determine the restorability potential for items.

After the completion of debris removal, we turned our attention to soot removal. Using both portable and hand vacs both with HEPA filtration, we cleaned the residue from the floors, surfaces and ceilings.

Soot particles range from large enough to see to microscopic. We use air scrubbers with HEPA filters to cleanse the affected areas of lingering soot by capturing these odor-causing particulates.

Even after removing charred items, ventilation and cleaning with HEPA filtration, a pungent odor often remains after fire damage, and masking and covering up does not work. We have equipment such as ozone machines or hydroxyl generators that remove fire odors at the molecular level.

Another odor control method we use is thermal fogging. Our technician used an odor-neutralizing heated solvent delivered as a fog. The fog is used to penetrate every place the smoke permeated to remove deeply seated odors thoroughly. In many cases, the combination of multiple methods of odor removal is necessary to eradicate all smoke odor.

Call SERVPRO of Hampshire County at (413) 324-1300 when you need help with fire damage. We can handle damage of any size to residential or commercial properties. Our certified technicians can make your fire loss "Like it never even happened."

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Your Coffee Shop In Amherst Can Be Restored To Pre-Damage Condition By Our Water Damage Specialists

5/14/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Your Coffee Shop In Amherst Can Be Restored To Pre-Damage Condition By Our Water Damage Specialists Call SERVPRO of Hampshire County, and we can handle all phases of the restoration needed to make your water loss “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Cleanup Does Not Hold Up Grand Opening Of Coffee Shop In Amherst

When planning to open a new business, water damage before your grand opening was probably not part of the plan. Fast action is on your side, the more quickly the mitigation of water loss begins, the more potential for full restoration of your property and contents.

A not-yet-opened coffee shop and bakery found themselves in need of commercial water cleanup in Amherst. The culprit was the incorrect installation of a water supply line into an espresso machine, and it came loose and released water. The incident happened overnight, and the counters, floor mats, and boxes of supplies were affected. After turning off the water, the owner called us.

Wet tile flooring is excellent for keeping sanitary conditions in a business, but is dangerous when wet. During the initial call to SERVPRO, we advised the property owner not to move water-logged items such as the floor mats and await our arrival due to the danger of slip and fall accidents. We arrived a short time later to the property, and while one technician handled the water removal using a portable pump, another team cleared the counters, moved supplies and removed the floor mats for drying in another area. The shop supplies were wisely stored in plastic bins under the counter so most of the stock unaffected by the water.

Our technicians scoped the shop with moisture detection equipment to determine if the migration of water had occurred under flooring or within the wall behind the counter. Fortunately using both probes and thermal imaging, we found no additional issues requiring remediation efforts. We set up multiple air movers and dehumidifiers to bring the moisture levels in the room below 45% and dry all surfaces quickly. We followed up with complete cleaning and disinfection of the areas affected by water to ensure they were sanitary and ready to serve customers.

Our SERVPRO location has a general contractor’s license, and we suggested the necessary repairs for the water supply line to complete the restoration of the shop. The property owner asked us to complete the repairs so the cleanup would be a seamless operation from start to finish.

The longer commercial water cleanup waits, the more damage it is doing. Call SERVPRO of Hampshire County at (413) 324-1300, and we can handle all phases of the restoration needed to make your water loss “Like it never even happened.”

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We Provide Our Expertise In Dealing With Water Damage In Northampton

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage We Provide Our Expertise In Dealing With Water Damage In Northampton We utilize the latest technology in moisture detection devices to locate and measure the moisture content in your home.

You Need Quick Water Removal in Your Northampton Home after the Washing Machine Hose Bursts

Washing machine hoses are a common cause of water loss in homes. The hoses become stiff over time and are subject to leaking, cracking, bursting and bubbling. The water pressure running through the hoses can eventually break them, and force water out at full pressure.

Since the supply lines to washing machines are usually always on, water from a burst hose can pour until you notice it and turn off the main water line in your house. This can be a significant amount of water, so you may need water removal services for your Northampton home. The water can damage the flooring, wood, cabinets and other building materials permanently after several hours of exposure. When there is water in your home, you can contact the professionals at SERVPRO to assist you to remove it and dry the affected areas.

We can provide expert guidance on how to deal with the water damage and fix the problems quickly. Our technicians can use pumps or wet/dry vacuums to remove the water. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and can start water removal as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home and furnishings. Once we remove the standing water and vacuum the absorbent surfaces, we begin drying and dehumidification to clear up any moisture that could have remained after water removal.

Our SERVPRO technicians also clean and sanitize all the affected belongings to prevent bacterial and mold growth. We can use antimicrobial agents to treat drapery, clothing, and carpeting. If structural items like walls and subfloors require cleaning, we use the appropriate products to clean them to make them look as good as or better than they did before the water loss. We also evaluate all contents exposed to water or high humidity for cleaning needs.

Our technicians also offer restoration services, which involve replacing materials like insulation and drywall and repairing hardwood flooring. If the damage is not serious, we may just replace a few panels of drywall. A serious case may require the replacement of an entire wall.

When water has pooled in your home, SERVPRO of Hampshire County can help you extract it quickly and dry the affected areas. Contact us at (413) 324-1300 and let our water damage restoration professionals restore your home to its pre-water loss condition.

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If A Cooking Appliance Has Caused Significant Fire Damage To Your Amherst Kitchen Our Experts Can Help!

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage If A Cooking Appliance Has Caused Significant Fire Damage To Your Amherst Kitchen Our Experts Can Help! If you need our professional disaster cleanup for your home or commercial space, give us a call today at (413) 324-1300.

Mitigating Cooking Appliance Fire Damage In An Amherst Kitchen

Thrifting is a budget-friendly way to stock your kitchen with durable appliances, but sometimes those appliances end up not working as well as you might like. A vintage electric waffle iron can end up sparking and catching fire when plugged into an ungrounded kitchen outlet. Worse still, the resulting high heat and fire damage can cause leftover plastic takeout containers to melt in your overhead cabinets. Between cleaning up soot, heat damage, melted plastic, burnt waffle batter, and the foul odor from your now-singed waffle iron, it can be overwhelming to consider where to even start with the cleanup.

If your latest thrift shop find ends up causing fire damage in your Amherst home, SERVPRO technicians can ensure that your kitchen is restored to its pre-existing condition. “Like it never even happened.” After our professionals come to your home to assess the extent of damage to your kitchen, we can get right to eliminating the sources of odor from both dry and wet smoke.

The first step to eliminating foul odors from fire is to thoroughly clean residues from the fire, whether they be soot, burnt food particles, or melted materials. Our SERVPRO team can also clean the vents in your kitchen with agitating tools such as brushes and augers so soot and other odor-causing materials can be vacuumed up and thrown away. The thoroughness of this cleanup processes both on surfaces and inside cabinets also helps to minimize staining as well as control odors.

Deodorizing can be accomplished with a variety of equipment. One method that is favored for effective odor mitigation is thermal fogging, which releases a solvent-based smoke that binds with particles to eliminate odor through chemical reactions. Air scrubbers equipped with HEPA filters can catch particles as small as 0.3 microns that have settled on surfaces in your kitchen.

SERVPRO of Hampshire County is available 24/7, so we can be Faster to Any Size Disaster. If you need our professional disaster cleanup for your home or commercial space, give us a call today at (413) 324-1300.

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Commercial Water Damage in Northampton? It's Easy If You Do It Smart With Team SERVPRO

4/14/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Water Damage in Northampton? It's Easy If You Do It Smart With Team SERVPRO When your real estate office has water damage, many things can be compromised including potential sales. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Beats Commercial Water Damage in Northampton Real Estate Office in Time for Open House

The adage "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression" is very true, especially for a new real estate company just starting. A short time before the open house to announce their opening, a water supply line in the company breakroom broke under a sink and spilled water for hours before it was caught the following day.

SERVPRO received the urgent call to clean up commercial water damage in a Northampton realtor office. They had already advertised their grand opening to the public and did not want to delay their open house launch party.

Extraction of water is the foundation of drying. Our technicians got to work immediately using wands and weighted extractors to push the water out of the low pile carpeting just outside the breakroom which was only mildly affected. Inside the breakroom, water was still standing and was quickly eliminated by SERVPRO technicians.

The drywall behind the water supply line was not significantly affected, and removal was not necessary. As a precaution to ensure air flow could occur during drying, our technicians drilled weep holes in the wall under the sink areas around the line break. After extraction, air movement and controlled warmer temperatures in the affected area initially around 70F to 80F are crucial for proper drying.

To ensure faster drying, SERVPRO chose to use desiccant dehumidifiers along with our traditional dehumidifiers to capture maximum humidity the air movers bring to the surface. The desiccant method works by absorbing moisture into a solid substance on a rotating wheel such as zeolites, activated alumina or silica gel (the same material you might find packed in with electronics). The wheel delivers the humid air to a collection port and repeats the process.

Through these drying methods and a complete wipe down with our professionally formulated cleaners to make the premises smell fresh and clean, there were no signs of the water loss and the opening was not delayed.

SERVPRO of Hampshire County knows commercial water damage can happen any time day or night. Our emergency response teams are available 24/7 and arrive at your location within hours after your call to (413) 324-1300.

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Did You Know That Your HVAC System Can Cause Water Damage to Your Granby Office?

4/1/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Did You Know That Your HVAC System Can Cause Water Damage to Your Granby Office? Have your HVAC system checked regularly to ensure that the drain is not plugged.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Your Granby Business Building

Water which comes from your HVAC system in your Granby doctor’s office can cause severe damage to your system. The water can get into your ductwork, pipes, air conditioner or furnace. Unchecked water can create severe corrosion or short your electrical components. Leaks in your HVAC system cause damage if they are not caught in time, which is why regularly checking it can help you to detect early signs of an issue before there is a more significant problem.  

Water damage of any kind in your Granby business can disrupt your daily operations, so you want to get it taken care of as soon as possible. At SERVPRO, we understand that time is of the essence, and we have the training and tools to help you restore your building as quickly as possible.  

Check the drain lines of your HVAC system regularly. Water is a natural component of your air conditioning system. As humid, hot air cools, it creates condensation on the evaporator coil. The condensation drips into the condensate pain, which empties outside through the drain line. The drain line can sometimes become damaged or clogged, causing leaks.  

When your HVAC system is leaking, SERVPRO techs can find the issue and restore your building. Our primary goal is to preserve and protect your structure and the contents such as equipment. One of the first things we check is carpeting and padding that got soaked from the water. Delamination is possible and something we check for right away. If delamination has occurred, the carpeting is not repairable.  

If the pad is too damaged, it can be discarded and replaced. Padding can break apart when it becomes wet. However, most padding is not very expensive, and the cost of removing and replacing it is many times less than the added costs of drying it in place.  

Some HVAC systems utilize a condensate pump to help drain off any condensation that may be created by the system. The collected water collects into a reservoir, and after filling to a particular point, the pump switches on and pushes the water through a drain line. If there is a clog, again, you may be dealing with a leak.  

SERVPRO of Hampshire County can help you restore your business building in Amherst, Ware, or Hadley anytime you need us. Reach us by dialing (413) 324-1300, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us as soon as you notice an issue.

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Let Our Crew Restore Your Granby Home After A Flood

3/28/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Let Our Crew Restore Your Granby Home After A Flood At SERVPRO of Hampshire County, our goal is to help every homeowner return their residence to a safe condition for occupation.

Restoring Flood Damage Effects In Granby Homes

The Granby community’s location near state parks and two major highways make it ideal for travel and business. That location also makes us vulnerable to flooding from nearby rivers and swamps, however.

No matter how high or low the water reached, Granby flood damage needs removal and restoration as quickly as possible. SERVPRO restoration teams train extensively with the latest equipment to handle every type of water intrusion and its effects.

The beautiful wood floors in so many of our homes are extremely vulnerable to flooding. They are underwater almost immediately and remain so until removal of all surface flooding and thoroughly drying the floorboards. Removing the majority of the water with one of the pumps in our inventory is relatively simple. It is drawing off the rest that often proves difficult.

SERVPRO technicians have to balance removing the water quickly against causing additional damage to the wood surface. Drying out too quickly can crack and splinter or even warp the individual boards until they lift away from the subflooring and twist away from each other. To keep this from happening, response team members use extraction wands with a built-in heating device to apply a low heat while removing moisture between the floorboards.

If they note swelling, then technicians carefully puncture the stain or varnish to increase the rate of evaporation. If needed, they also set up a dehumidifier to draw moisture from the surrounding air. The drier air also increases the evaporation rate without harming wood floors.

Finally, technicians examine the sub-flooring for floodwater. If any water did seep in, they remove it with an extraction wand. To remove excess humidity, they use an air mover with a hose to force warm, dry air into the crawlspace which forces out the damp air to preserve the sub-floor framework and underside of the floorboards.

At SERVPRO of Hampshire County, our goal is to help every homeowner return their residence to a safe condition for occupation. We're here to help you. Call (413) 324-1300 to get started.

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Why Hiring a Professional for Your Amherst Water Removal Emergency is Essential

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why Hiring a Professional for Your Amherst Water Removal Emergency is Essential When you are faced with water in your home, your best defense is to call the technicians at SERVPRO to assess the damage and start remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive Quickly to Remediate Your Water Damage Emergency

No matter the cause, things can get hectic when a water damage disaster in Amherst strikes your home. You are suddenly faced with cleaning up a big mess, which can be very daunting. When you are thinking about all the cleanup to be done, you usually are only thinking about how much work it is going to be, and not how difficult it is. There are several reasons why hiring an expert for your water removal emergency is the best decision. 
Water emergency stressors can hit you hard. Life in your Amherst home does not stop, and your daily responsibilities keep going, but now you are faced with the enormous task of water removal. It is why you need to trust our experts at SERVPRO to handle everything for you. You can go on dealing with your everyday life while we clean up the mess and repair your home. 
Remember, the process of getting water out of your home and cleaning up is much more complicated than you might realize. Therefore, if it is not done correctly, the water damage can be greater, and the potential for a total restoration can be compromised. It is best to let our technicians handle it instead, as we have the proper training and equipment to do the job right. 
The key to properly drying your home and its contents are to start immediately. Our professional staff uses the best drying equipment and arrives at your residence quickly to limit the damage done. By starting as soon as possible, the structure of your home and your belongings have the best chance of recovering. 
After we get rid of all the water, the danger is not always gone completely. Moisture in the air and hidden spots in your home can create further havoc. Our experts have the tools such as moisture meters to find this hidden moisture and rid your home of it. We can also detect, remove and prevent dangerous mold which can cause health effects. 
SERVPRO of Hampshire County offers 24-hour water removal and damage repair in the areas of Easthampton, Northampton, and Granby. So, don’t hesitate to call us anytime by dialing (413) 589-8975 so we can help restore your home back to normal. 

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